Tianjin Rishengyuan Glass Technology Co., Ltd.

Tianjin Rishengyuan Glass Technology Co., Ltd. production of "Ding Anderson" licensing all kinds of glass machinery, variety, quality and cheap. The main products are: DAD-2800 multifunction horizontal milling machine, high-quality glass tape, hanging beams, glass hanging folders, alligator hanging folders, truck crane (arm, arms), truck series pole (container cannon), container U-boom, portable offline lowe addition to film machine, horizontal glass in addition to the film plane, the new belt machine, automatic glass poorly sliced table, flotation breaking glass, vacuum sucker spreader, single-color liquid potassium fire and other products. The company funds, advanced equipment, thirty years of relevant experience in production, there is a group of experienced, dare to struggle, with the company's product development team Honor!

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Address: No.13,Steel market B District,HanJiashu,Beichen District,Tianjin city
Tel: 022-26961152
Contacts: General manager:Mr.Zhang18602252111 Mr.Cao18611213358
Sales Department: Miss Lan:18602614679
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