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Tianjin Dinganda Glass Co., Ltd, located in the high-end glass production base in China, a beautiful coastal city - Tianjin. Surrounding the numerous glass manufacturers (CSG, Xinyi, SYP, TGI, blue Yan, Jin Biao, etc.) as starry, occupies a high geographical advantages in Beijing, Tianjin and economic gold circle. Ding Anderson Glass Co., Ltd. is the largest wholesaler of Beijing, Tianjin area glass. Its subsidiaries:. Hebei Shahe Dinganda Glass Co., Ltd and Shahe Dinganda Low-E Tempered Glass Factory, whose Brothers Company: Tianjin Sunrise source technology Glass Co., Ltd., Tianjin Dinganda Logistics Co., Ltd., Beijing Dinganda Glass Co ., Ltd .. Management projects are original piece of glass wholesale, glass processing, transport and logistics, research and development of glass machinery.

The company-funded, well-managed system, and has a stable and the company has a total of survival, with the development of middle and senior management, engineering and technical personnel and the courage to fight aggressive marketing team.

Ding Anda staff to sort out the economic wave of ideas, danger, unconventional, and actively forge ahead, this new thinking and ideas to make tripod Anderson Glass Co. stepped onto a more brilliant!

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Address: No. 25,Steel market A District,HanJiashu,Beichen District,Tianjin city
Tel: 022-88829505
Fax: 022-88829507
Contacts: General manager:Mr.Zhang18602252111 Deputy General manager:Mr.Chen13810840380
Sales Department: Miss Lan:18602614679
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