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Flawlessly Coated Glass From Every Perspective
Date:2014/12/2  Author:

Detection of smallest color deviations and coating defects – with advanced inspection technology for ribbon and plates - In architecture, coated glass is considered a standard option in new construction projects. These days, coating fulfills many important functions, especially with regard to thermal insulation and saving energy. This is only possible due to the progress in online and offline coating processes, which have become much more complex. However, this also uncovers new defect types, which make it even more difficult to assure flawless coating quality and color homogeneity. ISRA VISION offers a wide array of optical inspection systems, specifically designed in response to the new challenges in the field of glass coating. The innovative inline technologies deliver guaranteed defect-free results and a uniform color appearance, even on larger coated glass surfaces. Moreover, they also supply important data that can be used for process optimization, thus activating savings potential.

The prerequisites for optical quality inspection are conceivably high: Contemporary building glass coating is only just a few μm thick and changes color depending on the viewing perspective. Even the smallest irregularity in coating thickness in the nanometer range can lead to inconsistencies in color. In order to be able to inspect reliably under these conditions, ISRA systems supply a top-rate performance. Equipped with high-resolution color cameras, advanced LED illumination technology, which covers the entire visible spectrum, and the highly-developed algorithm-based software, all typical defects are detected reliably at a very early stage. The solutions can be used for any type of coating and for any process: pyrolytic coatings applied online in ribbon applications, magnetron coatings applied offline in plate applications on multiple levels and technical offline coatings such as TCO, E/C and anti-reflex.

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