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Congratulations on the new website

In order to meet the needs of the company's development, and establish the company's image, so that our customers, partners more easily understand the company, through planning and preparation, the company's Web site for

New Glass Labyrinth In Kansas City

Creating a large piece of art takes a lot of coordination, particularly when it isn’t technically being “built” by the artist. It takes even more coordination when the art includes 53 large glass panels and a structure

Flawlessly Coated Glass From Every

Detection of smallest color deviations and coating defects – with advanced inspection technology for ribbon and plates - In architecture, coated glass is considered a standard option in new construction projects.These da

Germany Has Developed A New Anti-Bi

High in the sky, the transparent glass is life-threatening to the flying birds. According to statistics, glass has become the primary threat to the fatality of birds. To address this problem, the cooperating team organi
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