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Tianjin Dinganda Glass always adhere to the "people-oriented" principle, "respect labor,respect knowledge, respect talent, respect for creation", firmly establish the talent is the first resource, the talent is the enterprise the most precious wealth concept. In the construction of internationalization, innovative, big brand, harmonious in developmentstrategy under the guidance, attracted all kinds of high-quality talent to join in, setting the stage for their employees, growth, development and change them, to become the incubator for high quality talents.

We encourage the talents with reasonable system, sincere feelings to retain talent, has a comprehensive system of allowances and all-round development promotion policy,provide competitive remuneration package and dual promotion channels for staff to provide a broader space for the career development of employees. Motivate employees to learn knowledge, studying business enthusiasm and creativity, for the company's long-term development of all types of talents reserve.

We adhere to the construction of harmonious culture, efforts to build a platform to attract staff characteristics widely participate in construction, offer suggestions, to play the role of wisdom. In improving the income of staff, staff concerned about life,focusing on basic employee development, health care staff on the efforts to achieve"development for staff development rely on the staff, the achievements of development and staff sharing", and constantly improve the staff's sense of belongingand sense of happiness.

For the future, in the construction of internationalization, innovative, big brand,harmonious in development strategy under the guidance, in the high-tech enterprisesis facing the first-class brand, high value-added, high efficiency goal of forging ahead.

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