Beijing Dinganda Glass Co.,Ltd.

Beijing Dinganda Glass Co., Ltd. Is located in the beautiful scenery and many historical sites of Gyeonggi powerhouse.

In the glass industry is now an increasingly competitive environment, Beijing Dinganda Glass Co., Ltd. Relying on resource integration Shahe glass coffers of many varieties, Shahe glass factory geographical location and transportation advantages tripod Anderson logistics for customers to take the whole Beijing car patchwork pattern straight hair, does not own for unloading, and I may send dump unloading cranes for customers. The company's operating philosophy is puerile, the maximum for customers to reduce costs, eliminating the need for secondary moving down costs and increase their profits and competitiveness and achieve win-win situation.

Beijing Dinganda Glass Co., Ltd. Powerful advantage played a combination of the majority of customers love and praise.

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Address: No. 25,Steel market A District,HanJiashu,Beichen District,Tianjin city
Tel: 022-88829505
Fax: 022-88829507
Contacts: General manager:Mr.Zhang18602252111 Deputy General manager:Mr.Chen13810840380
Sales Department: Miss Lan:18602614679
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